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We are very happy to announce that Write Start Learning Center has selected to use brightwheel to further improve communication with your child's classroom.

With brightwheel, you can access information about your child's activities by a convenient app on your phone.

Features include:

  • Daily Updates: Real-time feed of activities throughout the day.
  • Digital Check-in: Quick & easy. Add approved adults to pick up your child.
  • Photos: Delivered right to your phone or on the web. No more photos lost in texts or in other online accounts!
  • Notifications: Get custom notifications on your phone for check-in, photos, and messaging.
  • Messaging: Send quick preset messages from your phone.
  • Calendar: Stay up to date on activities and events.
  • Community: Add grandparents, nannies, and friends so they can pickup your child or just share in daily photos and learning.

To download Parent brightwheel App on Smart Phone: According to your type of mobile device, download from either the App Store (iPhone®) or Google® play (Android®) Follow the download instructions on your phone.

You can learn more about brightwheel by visiting their website, MyBrightwheel.com or speak to either Keri or Nycole in the office.

We are thrilled to provide such an innovative service at Write Start Learning Center!