Write Start Learning Center

Quality Care Since 1981


Write Start Learning Center is recognized for providing the highest standards of care and education. We aim to provide a secure, warm and happy environment in which children may learn and grow, discovering a world of excitement and enrichment. Our goal is to develop each child to his/her fullest potential in the social, academic, physical, and emotional areas.


Learning is the central theme in our curriculum. Our program is based upon the insights of the Swiss psychologist, Jean Piaget:

  • Being is more important than knowing. Knowledge is a means to education, not its end. The final test of an education is what a person is, not what he or she knows.
  • Play is not distinguished from work as the predominant mode of learning in early childhood.
  • Self-confidence is directly related to the ability to learn and to make choices affecting learning.
  • Mistakes are essential to learning because they contain information essential to further learning.
  • Children learn and develop at their own rate and in their own style.
  • Children have both the competence and the right to make decisions concerning their own learning.
  • A good self-image is intrinsic to intellectual development and the acquiring of skills.