Write Start Learning Center

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Enrolled Students


For Ages 2 months through 1 years, the school hours are 7 am to 6 pm.
For Ages 2 and up, the school hours are 6:30 am to 6:30 pm
Any pick-ups after the designated closing times will be subject to a late fee.
In order to in order to receive full benefit of the program, please have your child at Write Start by 9 am.

What to bring to school

Please label all items
Make sure you have an extra set of clothes in your child’s cubby at all times
Please make sure your child has attire appropriate for weather conditions (such as a jacket for the colder months).
Blanket for nap time
For infants through toddlers: please label your sippy cup, bottle or pacifier. Please provide diapers/pull ups and wipes.

Sign In/Out Procedure

Each classroom has a sign in /out book.
Please sign in your child with the time and your full signature (as it appears on your ID) upon arrival.
Please sign out your child at pick up time.

Designated drop off/pick up persons

If someone other than whom you have noted will be picking up your child, we require that the request be in writing.
You can email the request to us or drop it off to us.
We will require photo identification of the person picking up your child.