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Quality Care Since 1981

Quality Care Since 1981

Quality Care Since 1981Quality Care Since 1981



Write Start Learning Center employs many features to ensure  your child’s safety at all times.  We have closed circuit security  cameras installed around the entire campus that provide video  surveillance of activates on campus.

We also have key coded doors at all main entrances and all doors throughout the buildings.  


Weather is also a factor, especially here in Florida.  To  this end, we make sure that fire drills are performed school wide  monthly.  Students are also trained in lock-down, tornado preparedness,  with duck and cover drills integrated into their playtime.  Also, all  infant rooms are equipped with emergency cribs, that are on wheels, and  can be rolled out in under a minute.  All staff receives ongoing  training in such procedures.

In the event that we have to evacuate the campus, we  have a two prearranged relocation sites. For a complete list of our  evacuation policies, please click the button below for a downloadable PDF.

Evacuation (pdf)


If the Pinellas County Schools close BEFORE a Hurricane to  prepare, Write Start Learning Center will be CLOSED.  During the storm,  if it falls on a weekday(s), we will be CLOSED. It is highly likely that  we will need a day after the storm has passed to clean up and make sure  the buildings are safe.  Please be aware that Write Start must have electrical power to open.

We realize that each hurricane/natural disaster comes with its own  unique set of circumstances, and we will do our best to keep you  informed. We will post our opening on the Bay News 9 Website,  under “business openings and closings” located on the home page. Bay News 9 also supplies up to date information about location and severity  of the storm.